A Higher Self Connection

Welcome to Wild Heart Mystic. My name is Christy Crawford.  I am a wife to a long-suffering awesome husband. I am a mom to one teenage daughter, multiple rescue dogs, and one very sneaky cat.  And I talk to Angels. I am able to deliver messages from the Angels to my clients so that you can move past subconscious fears and limitations and move forward with a new found peace and confidence.  Explore my site to see how I can help you tap into your personal freedom by making peace with yourself (finally!).  Move forward with confidence and love.



Who I Am and What I Believe

I have always been a very sensitive person; I recall my Mom writing a note to my Kindergarten teacher to let her know that "Christy is very sensitive."  As a child I constantly burst into tears at the sight of a stray dog (I still can't pass a stray without stopping to help), and begged my Mom to let me keep them.  I go way back as a empath (just ask my poor husband).  Can I let you in on a little secret?  We all have a little psychic magic. Those moments when we meet a new person and you feel instantly connected to them or conversely when you get the heebie jeebies, that's intuition.  I believe we are all connected by the fabric of the universe. (I hope I didn't lose you there, I know that is a lot but I promise you it is the truth!) The problem is most of us live such hectic and scattered lives we can't turn down the noise to receive the messages.  I work closely with the Angels, my guides, and also the Spirit of my Granny Robbie to deliver messages on how to get back on the path to having real peace. Find the steps to put you in alignment with your soul's purpose.  Life can sure get messy fast!  Navigating career paths and relationship dynamics can be tricky.  I would love to help you gain some perspective and move forward in any area that you feel is stagnant and muddy.  I look forward to speaking with you.

Love and Light, 

Christy Crawford


Today I had a wonderful Angel Card reading with Christy. The information was very accurate and beautifully interpreted! I truly believe that our exchange was divinely orchestrated and one I will not forget! Thank you Christy for your time and your words of encouragement. I’m truly grateful!

Jessica M.

Hermosa Beach, CA


The Divine World Awaits



Can we talk about crystals?!  I just love these little magical wonders; I may even be just a little obsessed with them.  You can use them to create crystal grids, put them in your pillowcase to connect with Angels or transitioned loves ones on other side in your dream state, slip them in your pocket for a little extra magic in your day, or use them as a tool in your meditation.  The possibilities are pretty limitless with the special little rocks.  With this healing stone bag, you will receive 4-5 stones, picked out by me, especially for you.  I will cleanse these stones with sage smoke, charge them with love and positive energy, and set an intention for these little stones specifically for you and your needs.  I would be honored to send some special little stones your way.


This reading is available by phone.

A 30 minute reading may be a great choice if you need some quick clarity on a just few issues.  


This reading is available by phone.  A 60 minute reading is a great way for us to do a deep dive into what is going on for you currently and gain some insight on what the road ahead could look like.  Lets develop a game plan to navigate the road ahead.


Reiki is a powerful hands-on healing technique that uses universal life force energy to regain balance in the energy systems within our bodies.  Reiki practitioners act as a conduit or channel for this energy to travel through.  Your body already knows what to do but sometimes needs an energetic boost to regain physical, metal, and spiritual alignment.  Sessions are booked in 1 hour time slots.

This service is also available for pets.


Using the basic principals of quantum physics, distance healing directs divine energy across time and space that often results in a healing effect on the recipient.  Divine energy is not limited by time or space constraints.  This is a very powerful form of healing that is equally as effective as an in-person healing session.


This is becoming a favorite among clients.  Not sure which service to chose?  Not a problem!  This amazing 60 minute session is a beautiful hybrid of two amazing services.  Half reading, half reiki!


Are you hosting a party?  Have girlfriends coming into Nashville for a bachelorette party and you want to mix it up??  From book clubs to spa openings and everything in between, offering readings for your guests is a great way to spice things up!

"Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." - Roald Dahl




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